For Love, Fun or Money; Why I Chose a Side-Gig

About a month or two after starting my side gig business, a good friend and mentor asked me, ” So tell me, is this new business for love, fun or money?”  I had to pause for a second as I hadn’t really thought about it….and this was the dialogue in my head; well, I signed up hoping to make an extra income, I ended up loving the products, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it…So I answered. “YES!”  I’m breaking it down in my blog for all my friends giving me the side eye and because it has become a big part of life and well, my blog IS my life!

MONEY:  Yes, I’m a pediatrician and yes, I’m still working.  Yes, my husband is a doctor as well.  BUT,  we are still both paying off our student loans and rather than working more hours as a pediatrician away from my kids and their activities, I was looking for something I could do on my own time.  After being in the business 6 months, I have made a (small) dent in my loans and hope to pay them off completely in 1-2 years! Could I make more money if I worked more as a doctor…probably (although not much) but I wouldn’t be available to my kids like I am now which is immensely important to me and for which I am so grateful.

LOVE:  yes, I LOVE the products.  Before I even tried it I was so impressed with the results and the research behind the products.  We now have 150 physicians within the company. After trying the products, I’m hooked!  I will forever sell the products to at least just get what I want (need) for free!

FUN: YUP…it’s really fun!  I get to have parties with friends, for friends, at friends’ houses, hangout, drink wine, show off my developing cheese board skills and talk about products I love.  I’ve made friends with amazing people that I would have never met. And I’ve reconnected with people that I hadn’t talk to in years! Whether I make a sale or not really doesn’t matter because I’ve already gained from the connections or reconnections.

But there’s one more (BIG) thing.  About 2 years ago I went on a life changing journey with about 45 other like-minded moms.  It was a transformative experience and it started me on my self development path.  I strived to be better and use what we learned in my daily life.  It prompted me to start this blog and share my soul on the internet (way out of my comfort zone).  But as time passed those feelings faded and it was so hard for me to keep them alive in my mundane every day tasks…until my side-gig! With this company there is a culture of striving to be better, doing the little things every day to see the change in the long term, there is a huge emphasis on self development.  I have read (and finished) more self development books in the past 6 months than I had in my whole life.  I have made a vision board with my daughter. I have gone on a medical mission trip  I am more deliberate in my actions and how they will benefit me (I have majorly cut back on TV/netflix…that’s HUGE for me!) And for the first time, possibly as an adult, I’m being appreciated and acknowledged for my accomplishments, no matter how small. The culture of medicine is daunting at times and being involved in a side gig has been unbelievably refreshing. (See previous publication in kevin MD for more on that.)

I am not trying to sell anyone on this side-gig or another (at least not in this post!)  Just merely sharing my experiences and my why(s)! I know everyone has their own opinions about me, the products, the business…etc! But as I learned at my very uplifting conference… “other people’s opinions will not pay your bills!”