The Fairytale Does Exist

IMG_2473If you’re a product of the 80’s like I am, you’ve probably imagined yourself in the role of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman being swept off your feet by Richard Gere (minus the prostitute thing…) Or if Richard Gere doesn’t do it for you then some other Cinderella story with the hunk of your choice, because there are plenty to choose from!

I had the above scenario on my mind when I turned to my husband and said, “our love story isn’t very romantic.”  I know this sounds awful and mean, but that wasn’t my intention.  I was just thinking that irrespective of being a Cinderella story, we’ve made it pretty far and done really well.  Without skipping a beat, he responded, “Our love story is very romantic, we found each other despite being born thousands of miles apart and living in different cities when we met!”  Huh… (this is when you need to look for flying pigs or feel the breeze from hell freezing over)…he was absolutely right! And this is when I realized a fairy tale is only a matter of perspective.

Our love story is truly one for the books, a jewish Persian girl born in Iran, living in Los Angeles falling madly in love with a jewish white boy from Phoenix.  Who would’ve ever thought? So even though he didn’t fly out of a plane to propose to me (he didn’t even get down on a knee), it was magical!  It was a moment I will never forget, even if there is absolutely no documentation on social media.  It was just about us, and the 50 other people in the restaurant that night.

Life is not about the grand gestures.  It’s about the daily grind and still being there for each other after months and years of the mundane every day life.  I was comparing my love story to the ones I’ve seen on the big screen until I realized mine was so much better! Because it was mine!!! And yours is a beautiful fairy tale because it’s yours!  And my fairy tale is filled wth roses and thorns and anyone that tells you different is lying or in denial.  We’ve been through some burning fires but we’ve always come out the other side holding hands or holding each other up.

I am so blessed to have this man by my side who will make me see my beautiful imperfectly perfect fairytale that is all mine. We all need to proudly wear our queen crowns  in our very own fairy tale.

  • Do you compare yourself and your life to a made up vision? Do you compare yourself to social media visions (modern day fairy tales) and everyone’s highlight reel?


Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.

-Hans Christian Anderson

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